3 Major Reasons Why Routine Inspections Are Important and How to Ace Them

March 19, 2024

Routine inspections are a crucial aspect of property management in Western Australia, with many benefits for both landlords and tenants alike.

These periodic assessments are essential not only to ensure legal compliance but also to contribute significantly to the longevity of the property. 

Let's delve into why routine inspections are so important in the Perth real estate scene.

Reason 1: Regular inspections in WA are necessary to ensure the property complies with legal standards and maintenance requirements. 

These inspections cover various aspects of the property, including plumbing, electrical systems, and structural integrity, and help identify and address issues proactively.

Reason 2: Regular property inspections can help property managers detect potential issues early on. These could be anything from minor plumbing leaks to signs of pest infestation. 

Identifying these problems in the early stages allows for swift action, preventing them from escalating into costly repairs for landlords. Proactive maintenance also contributes to greater tenant satisfaction and ensures a positive living experience.

Reason 3: Regular inspections are an opportunity for property managers, landlords and tenants to communicate and build positive working relationships. 

This regular communication can help build trust, leading to longer tenancies and a more cooperative living arrangement. 

Overall, the aim is to ensure the property remains in excellent condition for the benefit of both the landlord and tenants.

It's important to note that these inspections don't focus on minor housekeeping details, as property managers or landlords understand that people are living there. Therefore, small things like an unmade bed or dishes in the sink are not considered major concerns.

The key aspects to prioritise during routine inspections include:

  1. General tidiness and cleanliness: Assessing the overall neatness and cleanliness of the property.
  2. Garden maintenance: Ensuring gardens are well-kept, with tidy edges, weed-free, and devoid of rubbish.
  3. Lease agreement compliance: Checking for any breaches of the lease agreement, such as unauthorised individuals or pets residing at the property.
  4. Maintenance and damage: Identifying any maintenance or damage issues and determining whether it's the rectification is the responsibility of the tenant or owner.
  5. Potential hazards: Examining the property for signs of deterioration that may pose potential hazards, such as wall or ceiling cracks, trip hazards, loose balcony railings, overgrown trees, and the condition of gutters and downpipes, which might require the owner's attention.

Regular property inspections are essential for successful property management in Perth. In addition to fulfilling legal obligations, inspections help identify problems early, build positive relationships between tenants, landlords and property managers, and maintain the value of the property over time. 

Completing regular inspections is essential for any landlord wanting to protect and maximise the value of their investment property in Perth.

If you need help with your routine inspections, let us help you. Contact us today for our expert team to assist you.


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