A Landlord’s Guide to Choosing the Right Tenant

April 11, 2022

Choosing a tenant is like a test for a landlord. Once in a while, and this might have crossed your mind, the risk of a tenant ruining the property, steering clear from breach notices, ignoring rental payments, or requesting demands over repairs can be taxing for property owners like you.

What happens when damage is done and who is in charge of the property's maintenance and repair costs? Many tenants' troubles can be highly stressful for a landlord, and sometimes, it can be challenging to comprehend.

How a residential tenancy agreement can help you

In Perth, renting a home is ruled by regulations and acts. Most likely, you will enter into a written residential tenancy agreement with a lessor when your property is up for rent.  At times, there can even be a little argument about the terms and conditions agreed to by both parties at the tenancy commencement since this will become an essential document. It should cover most matters concerning your property and the tenant; this way, you can be sure to prevent an awful owner-to-tenant disagreement.

We understand your fear and frustration., so we'll help you unwrap common problems that tend to arise from tenants and tips and solutions to help you out with issues.

How to choose the right tenant

  1. Get help from experts

A property management agency acts as the middleman to all things landlord and tenant relationships. Having your property managed means you get to have a property manager help you–keeping you stress-free, and here's why:

  • They get careful references–employment, housing, and personal
  • They make sure identification checks are made
  • They meet with the tenants to discuss their contracts and premises
  • They conduct a thorough assessment of the tenant's rental history
  1. Be upfront

Being open and direct with potential tenants about the pros and cons of the property will narrow the possibilities of any future misunderstandings. 

As a landlord or a property owner, you should disclose to potential tenants what amenities or appliances in the property are available or functioning and if you intend to cover these items before entering into the tenancy agreement.

  1. Be honest

This is the first step.  A landlord who denies issuing a liveable space, who makes unhelp requests of his to dodge a person out of the money will carry out a negative reputation.  News tends to spread swiftly, and anyone could write a dissatisfied review over their experience.  This would lead to the standing of your name or legal action by the tenant. 

Be mindful of rental applications; prospective tenants should play by the rules, and present accurate applications. Financial backgrounds and references shouldn’t be pretended.  Should there be any suspicious records, property managers will be there to flag them during the application checking process.

  1. Notify your tenants of the laws

In Perth, prospective tenants should be enlightened of any by-laws and rules relating to moving in and out of the property.

One of the most important things that must be done is Property condition reports to keep the tenant informed about the property’s conditions.  This report entitles you to list all of the particulars and classify whether they are clean or working.

  1. Be matchable

Simultaneously, there are also a couple of things that your tenants expect from you, such as ensuring the property is clean and secure. Tangible properties and legal aspects aside, you should discover whether your prospective tenants can do the little things such as respecting the neighbours, keeping the property clean, or notifying you of any maintenance issues. You may need to conduct pre-lease pest control, gas & electricity installation, appliance repairs, security setups, and smoke alarm maintenance.

  1. Be knowledgeable

You should know that tenants' rights and responsibilities vary from state to state in Australia. Being able to take care of your tenants and properties could go a long way, especially if you have properties in more than one state.

For example, in Perth, smoke alarms are the owner's responsibility. While for pest control and moulding issues, the tenant is only liable if their actions cause this during their tenancy. Make sure the tenant you chose maintains cleanliness as a kitchen left in an unclean condition is a common cause of pest issues.

Since several landlord-tenant disputes arise from repair issues, maintenance, or livability issues, it pays to know what your duties are ahead of tenants starting to call.

  1. Be strategic

If you intend to take on new property investment in Perth, the goal is to find tenants that will adequately care for your property investment. 

Your property manager imparts calculated recommendations for your guidance that can help you find quality tenants, limit vacancies, and do away with a situation you prefer not to deal with.

Unpleasant tenants and unfavorable lawsuits can be avoided with the right countermeasures. The team at Rent Choice have been around in the market for a long time with thousands of tenant applications encountered. This experience brings potential tenants quicker.

When it comes to choosing the right tenant, getting a property manager to handle tenant screening helps steer clear of rental scams aimed at landlords like you. You are certain that you won’t have to deal with time-consuming stress and it is a gain that comes with hiring a professional property manager.

If you are interested to learn more about tenant screening and property management, get in touch with us today.