Rent Choice Wins 2023 Small Residential Agency of the Year at the REIWA Awards for Excellence

November 6, 2023

Rent Choice has been awarded the 2023 Small Residential Agency of the Year award by the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) at the Awards for Excellence held Thursday, 26th October, at Crown, Perth.

With over 300 real estate professionals attending the event and with more than double the nominations of last year, the record number of submissions was rigorously assessed against strict judging criteria by a panel of industry experts to determine the winners of each category.

This award is a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Our win underscores our dedication to personalised service, innovative solutions, and client satisfaction. 

2023 Small Residential Agency of the Year

The REIWA Awards for Excellence encourage, recognise, and promote excellence and best practice in the real estate profession in 25 separate categories. 

Eligible entities for the Small Residential Agency of the Year include single trading entities with a team of up to 10 individuals, including the principal, operating from a single location under their own licence. 

Behind our success stands a team of dedicated professionals; as a small agency of 10, we care about the people we work with - tenants, owners, teammates - and share a passion for property management. 

Our committed team strives for excellence in property management and aims to create outstanding experiences for property owners and tenants alike. From our property managers to management and support staff, each member is driven by a passion for excellence. Our expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit have been the driving force behind this achievement.

Rent Choice’s team and general manager, Clare Christiansen, accepted the award on the night, and she said she was extremely proud of the team to receive the honour.

“Having been named 2023’s best Small Residential Agency is a tremendous honour and privilege,” Clare said. “We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our clients for their ongoing support.”

“Our win motivates us to maintain our commitment to excellence by consistently exceeding industry standards and satisfying clients.”

Our diverse rent roll, extensive geographic coverage of the Perth market, as well as dedicated and experienced team are reflected in the meticulous care and attention we offer to each and every property, owner and tenant.

Your Choice in Property Management

At the core of our success lies a client-centric philosophy. Our focus on building lasting relationships, understanding clients' unique needs, and providing tailored solutions sets us apart. 

Rent Choice has consistently demonstrated outstanding service to clients during the submission period by embracing community welfare initiatives and leveraging innovative technological solutions for proactive communication.

Our impact extends beyond property management. Our active involvement in community initiatives, support for local causes, and commitment to social responsibility showcase our dedication to making a positive difference. We don’t just manage properties; we are dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of those we house. 

We thrive on innovation. Our in-house-built technology streamlines communication, fosters transparent accountability, and proactively addresses any concerns. By embracing the latest tech trends, we create a seamless experience for clients, making every interaction efficient and convenient.

Our win at the REIWA Excellence Awards 2023 is a story of dedication, innovation, and client-focused service. As we celebrate our success, we celebrate every client who trusted us with their homes. 

At Rent Choice, property management isn’t just a service - it’s our sole focus. As a small agency of 10, we care about the people we work with - tenants, owners, teammates - and share a passion for property management. 

Achieving property management excellence demands a proactive approach, and that’s precisely what defines our team. We continually challenge ourselves to enhance our methods, ensuring that stagnation is never an option. 

The heart of our success lies in the harmonious fusion of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology. This synergy guarantees no one ever gets lost in the noise.

Following on from Rent Choice’s WA win, we will attend the National Awards for Excellence hosted by the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) in May 2024.