How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Property Manager?

September 16, 2020

Property manager fees seem to always be a mystery for property owners. How much are the actual costs and what kind of benefits are you receiving? Here are some useful facts to know when considering the costs associated with hiring a property manager.

1. Fees

Property management fees in Perth is commonly between 10% to 18%. The cost may vary depending on the service property managers offer. Make sure you’re aware of any extra property management fees from additional services offered.

2. Contract terms

Contract terms are very important and differ from manager to manager, make sure you're aware of the length of the contract and terms and condition of the property manager.

3. Service offered

Property condition reports, routine inspections, administration, financial reports are some of the basic services that you should expect from a property manager. Some property managers also offer satisfaction guarantee and trials to property owners with free of charges. However, each property manager would provide a different service for each cost offered to you.

4. Determining rent price

Make sure to find a property manager who understands the current property rental market and are willing to negotiate the right way. Developing a rent price you’re happy with is essential, as it benefits both the property owner and manager.

Rent Choice offers one simple fee for a full service without any hidden extra charges that could possibly confuse property owners in the future. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee and a risk-free 90-day trial*. Rent Choice always updates the current rent market situation to give you the best advice in determining the rent price and maximising your property’s return. Make the right choice, book an appointment today to assure your investment success!