What To Consider In Choosing Your Property Manager for Perth investors

September 8, 2020

1. Do your research

It’s important to do some background research to understand what different companies offer when it comes to managing your investment property. Most websites will provide you this level of information. Take notice of customer testimonials and reviews, and search third party review platforms. If you have friends of family who use an existing service, also reach out to them for recommendations or tips.

2. Shortlist

After you’ve done some research, decide on three to five companies that stand out to you. You can have more than this although it can over complicate or overwhelm you when digging down into the details in the following steps.

3. Ask questions

Create a list of five questions to ask each company on your shortlist. It’s important your questions are aligned with your needs as an investor. Before you decide on your questions, ask yourself what is most important to you as a potential client.

4. Make contact and arrange an interview with the property manager

Communication will be key in your relationship with your property manager. It’s important they are responsive and easy to reach. Consider how quickly they get back to you, and the level of service offered early on. A face to face meeting will help in building rapport early on in the relationship.

5.Review and choose

Not all companies offer the same level of service for the same price so ensure you compare fees and costs in the context of what level of service you will receive. You should also get to know more about the team, or your potential property manager. Also consider the priorities of the company i.e. do they also have a sales arm to the business or are they solely property management.

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