What to Expect From a Perth Property Management Company

January 18, 2022

Property management companies are the conduit between the landlord and tenant. Good property managers take care of the day-to-day responsibilities of owning a property in Perth.

If you are a landlord looking around to learn everything you need to know about Perth property management fees, you will undoubtedly have the answers to your questions by the end of this read. Here, we will lay out the role of a property management company and highlight the benefits they provide. 

Managing a property in Perth or any other place can be demanding in many ways. Hence, it is critical to find the right property management company to help manage your property. Exemplary service from a property management company shows that they listen to adjust and accommodate their service to your needs and expectations. However, a common misconception about Property Managers is that they only find tenants and pursue rental payments. When indeed, a Property Manager is a crucial professional to have when planning your property investment portfolio or renting out your home in Perth.

Another common misconception is the cost - which is too much for some - and that is valid logic. However, if you think of it this way, the money put into hiring a property management company is an investment. Indeed, it does cost money to hire a property manager, but it is worth the price. If that is not enough, we will break down the important tasks of a good property management company to keep you at peace.

Property management in Perth envelopes a wide range of duties - from finding suitable tenants and enhancing rental income to guaranteeing a property’s optimal condition. It is essential to grasp how property management fees work in Perth and how it benefits you. While good property management companies are useful, finding one can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for.  

Here, we have listed a few points you can expect when getting help from a property management company in Perth.

They help out with rentals and payments

  • Collects and disperses the rental incomes
  • Follows up late payments, and issues the appropriate notices for tenants’ late payments 
  • Negotiates rental rates between landlords and tenants
  • Facilitates payment schedules for property outgoings
  • Maintenance of tenancy, ownership and property ledgers

As the name suggests, property management takes care of every aspect of a rental home. A skilful management company brings knowledge and experience to your property, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is in good hands.

They act as a mediator between the landlord and tenant

  • Issues notice of breaches, termination notices, and other legal documents
  • Negotiates lease terms and tenancy agreements
  • Investigates and resolves any tenant issues
  • Reduces the potential for scams, bad tenants, and lawsuits
  • Organises property repairs
  • Reviews property maintenance, security, and even gardening
  • Receives better quotes on property maintenance fees 
  • Regularly does property inspection and updates inspection reports

Often, the dissatisfied tenant becomes more upset if they have to leave messages or play tag trying to get assistance. So, having a property manager to act as a cushion against these circumstances means less stress for the owner and more productive resolutions for tenants.

They help out with legal matters

While most leases are direct to the point, there can sometimes be loopholes to be aware of. Hence, property managers also help on the legal side of things.

  • Document all the information related to your property
  • Layout advice on the contract, conditions, and dealings that will assist you better in deciding whether the property is a suitable purchase
  • Ensure compliance with the provisions of property management law in their state
  • The eviction process is quite meticulous and can be complicated, especially if issues such as bankruptcy are involved; hence they stay prepared to avoid disputes.
  • The Residential Tenancies Act applies whether you manage the property yourself or hire a Property Manager; this requires staying up to date with constantly-changing legal responsibilities.

They have a good knowledge of Advertising and Research

A Property Management Company can help with your property advertising, such as the marketing that goes into the sales process. Property Management in Perth makes sure to be up-close with the current trends and market.

  • Inform you on your investment property status and what news you don’t need to be bothered about
  • Run rental home opens, private appointments, and virtual tours
  • Provide accurate rental appraisals by understanding the local market and tenants’ requirements
  • Complete reference checks on potential tenants
  • Conduct comparative market research on rental demand and prices

All of this will save you unnecessary stress and, sure enough, a lot of time. Ultimately, it is essential to consider these things and know that you are getting the most out of your budget. Managing a property is not easy, and there are bound to be a few blows, but when this occurs, you will want a service that can step forward and commit to assuming that responsibility. Professional property management comes with many good things, which will benefit you.